About Us

The mission of the Lee H. McCaskey Center for Student Involvement and Leadership is to provide students, through in-class and out-of-class learning opportunities and experiences, programs which enhance cultural, intellectual, leadership, personal, and professional development.

CSIL Core Values

Integrity – Students must acquire and develop moral standards as a foundation for their personal and professional lives.  Ethical behavior, honesty, accountability, responsibility, and character are essential elements of this foundation.

Community – Students will excel when they become an integral part of the campus and broader communities by establishing meaningful, effective relationships.  Students at Appalachian have a responsibility to serve through advocacy, civic engagement, and the encouragement of student self-governance and activism for the general welfare for all.

Inclusion – Students will have opportunities and experiences which promote collaboration, mutual respect and cooperation, appreciation of diverse perspectives and cultures, and a recognition of the profound interconnectedness of all peoples.

Student Learning - Students are challenged and supported in their learning when they are provided with opportunities to develop practical skills, take risks, understand theory, develop a sense of history, engage in critical reflection, and apply knowledge through experiential opportunities.

The staff, through the implementation of student development theories in a variety of instructional settings, assists students in developing environments which enhance diversity, promote ethical and moral development, encourage civic engagement, promote the establishment of meaningful interpersonal relationships, and provide leadership and experiential learning opportunities.

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CSIL Office:

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Club Hub:

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